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With a long tradition of constructing machinery for industry and various transport devices

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We think innovatively and invest in the development of new technologies and skills

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Short Company Overview

Kostroj Strojegradnja is the company which preserve the tradition of machine-maker but after Slovenian independence made a redirection and start business on West-European market. Program of building tannery machines is continuation of its previous action but it has been extended to many additional area: machinery for iron/steel-works, paper industry, building various transport devices, etc… In the last 5 years, the company invested a lot to renew and improve manufacturing capabilities. Today we own modern CNC-machines. That make us qualified to realize even the most complex projects in mechanical engineering branch. In the year 1999 Kostroj Strojegradnja received Certificate of Quality ISO 9002. In year 2009 we upgraded it to ISO 9001:2008. In year 2018 we have made a upgrade to latest version of QSM to version ISO9001:2015.


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