The guiding principle of our company is: “Every good process can be even better!”

Kostroj Strojegradnja d.o.o. is constantly striving and following its main line of business, working in the spirit of ensuring high customer satisfaction and enhancing their loyalty and ensuring a healthy and safe working environment. In order to offer welded structures, parts of machines, and assembly and service services, all business entities connect everyone to their maximum, help, and add their article to the company’s success chain.


Quality implies business growth, long-term financial security and value-added growth per employee. By investing in production capacities, we will strive to develop and optimize production and ensure quality at the highest possible level and work better than our competition, which requires that our mind-set is constantly evolving and growing.


Quality is also a measure on our performance, which we try to prove to our customers. Success in the market depends on our capabilities, flexibility and vision, and at any moment to provide/supplie our customers with products and services that meet or exceed their expectations and requirements.


Every employee within the company Kostroj Strojegradnja d.o.o. is committed to excellence in quality. This is a personal responsibility, the belief that is necessary in order to achieve the set goals. In order to successfully meet these requirements, we must always be open to change and new knowledge, actions must be based on facts. Suppliers and business partners must be committed to the adoption of our principles set out in this policy. We constantly need to develop the competencies of our employees, protect the organizational knowledge and thus build commitment and belonging to the company. In the company Kostroj Strojegradnja d.o.o. the transfer of know-how and good practice will be actively carried out where we learn from each other. The organizational structure must be built in such a way that safety and health at work will be the main priority.


Customer needs and requirements will be our main guideline for the way we work. Quality will be achieved by describing, acting in accordance with the vision of continuous improvement of processes. Every individual in our company has to understand, that he can contribute to improving quality and the results will be monitored according to the goals set. The procedures need to be constantly evaluated and appropriate measures taken to ensure that they are effective. Regular comparisons and evaluations are carried out on the basis of best industrial practice. Preventive measures based on risk assessment will be introduced or used to solve problems.


  • We will constantly improve quality management systems,
  • We will work towards identifying and assessing risks in all areas of the company’s operations and thus strengthening the operations of our company,
  • The initiatives and ideas of all workers will be strictly adhered to and we will listen and respond to all needs and expectations,
  • The company will respect and seriously considere to solve all the suggestions of the each employees, which will be submitted through the “Worker’s confidante” to the management in terms of improving SVK and safety and health at work,
  • At all levels of the business, the company will respect the legal requirements and any other commitments it has made with the relevant parties.

Slovenske Konjice, 14.2.2020